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Promoting and demonstrating A GREENER LIFE STYLE through enjoyable social events. Assisting in the planning and organisation of sustainable events. ecoplanner is a company established by a group of passionate and enthusiastic friends with a common belief in a better future, where nature and culture enhance each other.

We understand the importance...

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The green wedding


Natural or chic, how you choose to celebrate your marriage is not only a party, but also a statement about your lifestyle. 

The green wedding



We help companies developing their ethical image by organising special events and getting "green event" certification. 


Eco team building


We believe that in modern society it is very important to promote simple and calming lifestyle. 




Take a taste of our latest projects. We are proud of bringing this magic to life!

  • Creazioni|Ecobomboniere
  • Matrimonio Alessandra&Marco
  • Light lunch premiazione Coopstartup 2 marzo 2016
  • Matrimonio Alessandra&Marco
  • Partecipazioni green

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Claudia Minniti


Claudia is energetic and determined with a background in economics. After completing several work and study experiences across Northern Europe, she is now settled in Rome, where she met Rosa and Marta. Endlessly restless, but always reliable and always available for friend and relatives. At her...

Azzurra Galanti

Visual Area

Azzurra studied architecture and design in Rome. She is determined and efficient and a secret people watcher. She collects ideas from the things she observes in society and uses these to inspire her, but remains the centred and stabilising element of the group.

Marta Veltri


Marta, the architect of the group and chief communicator, worked and studied for several years in England, before returning home to Rome. Her endless energy and creative character provide an important driving force behind ecoplanner. Planning is her forte, she is known as an avant-garde designer,...

Olga Romano

Project Area

Olga is an architect from Rome who specialises in interiors. She started working on this project as an advisor and then became involved in project coordination. She has a strong interest in the cultural heritage of our Italy and safeguarding it for the future

Rosa Ciacci


Rosa studied in Florence and has a background in history and curatorship. Now living in Rome she is excited to be working together with Claudia and Marta to introducing the contemporary art element to the project. Rosa brings knowledge and creativity to the group, but she is excited about what...

Our Projects

We are proud of what we do. This is just an example of our greatest projects.

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We choose to take care of the environment we live in, we choose sustainability.

We have chosen to maintain our home. We are surrounded by natural beauty and we must protect for the future. We believe we should leave our environment intact and clean for the next generation and with this in mind, we to support the equity in commerce, equity that guarantees secure and ethical working conditions, supporting artisans and small producers. We aim to positivity encourage new economies and make...

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Things are united by invisible ​connections​: ​you ​cant ​take ​a flower without troubling a star. (Galileo Galilei)

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